Weird Part 3

18 Jun

[For part 2] Again that is not my title. Here is my title.

                                                 HOW I GOT KILLED AND LIVED

And then started killing. Now the game we were play was Killer, there are some other names to but this is the one we were using. How you play the game is you have a circle, it does no really matter how you are set up besides the fact that you can see everyone’s face with out a problem when they are looking at you. What you need to play the game is some cards, any cards will work as long as you have ONE and ONLY ONE of a certain card and the rest of them are different. Suffle all the cards  and then pass the out so that everyone gets ONE card do NOT show you card to anyone but you can and should look are YOUR card.


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3 responses to “Weird Part 3

  1. Kitten

    June 25, 2010 at 3:54 PM

    When I was in my acting class, we played a game, the teacher would like, do something (I forget what) to signal that we were the killer. Then we’d separate and walk around and shake hands with each other. The Killer, if he wanted to kill someone, would scratch their palms while they were shaking, then they would wait a few seconds, then pretend to die, at that point all the other “killed” people would also die. Then the remaining people would guess at who was the killer. If no one could guess, they’d going around again, shaking hands and “killing” people. It was fun, sadly I never got to be the killer :L (I think).

    Is that something like the game you’re talking about?

  2. TeacherMom

    June 29, 2010 at 1:32 PM

    And…? And then you slay every third person, going around the circle, until only one person is left? (Oh, no, that was the pirate puzzle…)


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